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Easing into English

The iOS application to learn English the fun way!

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  Multiple Activities  Making English Grammar Amazing

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Multiple activities, one goal

Helping you learn English the fun way

Easing into English is an engaging, interactive iOS app to help early-level learners develop their knowledge of English grammar, learn new vocabulary and develop discourse skills. Learning English with our app is fun!

Matching ExercisesMatching Exercises

Users match text box to text box e.g. first sentence-half to second sentence-half, or match image to text box e.g.

Gap Fill Drag and DropGap Fill Drag and Drop

Users drag the correct word into the gap in a sentence or text.

Sorting Drag and DropSorting Drag and Drop

Users drag and drop words into correctly labelled groups e.g. all the adverbs of frequency together, all the adverbs of manner

Open-EndedOpen Ended

Users type text into an open text field and submit their answer for checking. A keyboard will appear on the screen

Marking ExercisesMarking Exercises

Users use their finger to mark different words e.g. underline the verbs, circle the subjects.

Multiple Choice QuestionsMultiple Choice Questions

Users tap to respond to multiple-choice questions. Answers could be in image or word form.

Activity TypesRandomly produced content

The exercises in the app are randomly selected and will be regularly updated increasing the fun and value of the

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best app for learning english

The App

Easing into English is a ground-breaking, interactive iPad/iPhone application which takes you through a series of learning modules which become progressively more challenging. Each module provides clear, comprehensive input on particular language points which are embedded in a thematic context and are designed to help you learn English easily. You will engage in tasks and interactive activities which give you the opportunity to practise what you’ve learnt. The language focus is on grammar, vocabulary and discourse skills. As you work through the materials you are given feedback, helpful hints and can enjoy the motivating experience of gaining points as you progress. The app’s beautiful design features and soft background music will definitely enhance your learning experience.

Joan & Angeliki, founders of Easing into English - English learning app

The Story

Lovingly created by two experienced English language teachers

Created by Joan Macphail and Angeliki Apostolidou, who have years of experience in language teaching, teacher-training and learning materials design. Their professional know-how, research and clear perspective of the English language systems inform the design of the materials. They have ensured that featured here are the language items and task-types in the examination curricula appropriate for this level:

  • Keystage 2
  • Curriculum for Excellence
  • CEFR A2
  • Cambridge English KET

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