Hallowe’en Traditions

Posted by Joan on October 30, 2016

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Hallowe’en Traditions  

 It’s the last day of October

A clear moon can be seen

And we are all ready

To celebrate Hallowe’en.


A huge log fire is burning

The house full of good cheer

Bowls full of nuts, sweets and fruit

Keeping traditions we hold dear.

turnip lanterns




Here come the guisers

With their lanterns on high

From the eyes of the turnips

The lights brighten the sky.


Guisers’ faces are hidden by make-up or masks

As they go unknown from door to door

There’s a Spiderman, A Wicked Witch,

And isn’t that robot wee Jimmy from next door?





Welcome all, you must be hungry

Come in and have a bite to eat

But we’ll hear your story, song or joke

Before you get any treat.

treacle scones





Tasty treacle scones are hanging up there

Underneath you stand in place

Hands tied, you try to get a bite

Without getting a black, sticky face!


Next it’s time for ‘dooking’

From the water you must get

At least one red, shiny apple

Without getting totally wet!

A soggy girl with an apple between her teeth, after an apple-bobbing success.






I guess you must be on your way

You entertained us well and good

And before you visit other neighbours

Fill your bags with sweets and food


You sang and danced and made us laugh

Of witches and ghosts have no fear

Enjoy yourselves on the hallowed eve

And be sure to come guising next year!






Happy Hallowe’en, everyone !